Aqua Energy

BMZ’s Aqua Energy™  is ready for deployment.  Call today to place your order.

Challenged with the need for constant power without the harmful gases, BMZ has distributed its own Hydrogen fuel supported system to displace more than 60% of standard carbon based fuel.  This technology is proprietary protected.   If you have an application(s) you would like us to explore please contact us directly.

We all recognize the distributed power industry is dominated by diesel-fueled generators. BMZ’s Aqua Energy™ offers a clean solution that exceeds the environmental requirements of countries around the world and states like California and New York, who are independently regulating emissions. These states have firsthand experience in the environmental impact of polluting diesel-fueled generators that supply back up power during brownouts or blackouts.

Aqua Energy™ hydrogen fueled engines offer power and near zero emissions. The path to an emissions free system includes BMZ’s hydrogen fueled engines, which are extraordinarily suited for ALL commercial and industrial applications. Our Aqua Energy™ has the potential to eliminate carbon based emissions completely. The environmental necessity of reducing greenhouse gases and pollution is recognized worldwide.

Our products improve the workplace by offering a quieter and smoother running engine, thereby, lowering the decibels that cause harm to your employees creating a more pleasant work environment and increasing productivity.

Beyond the obvious environmental benefits of using the Aqua Energy™ is the increased profitability customers receive when utilizing our equipment. With the capabilities of reducing diesel fuel usage by more than 60%, the difference would be astronomical. For example, a company currently consuming 300 gallons per day would easily save 180 gallons per day. Translated to dollars, based on a 5 day work week, a 50 week year and $4.50 price per gallon of diesel, the company would recognize savings of $4,050 per week or a staggering $202,500 per year. Imagine the difference your company would make in the community and the world with that much increase to your bottom line. Even a generator using only 100 gallons per week would recognize a savings of $67,500 per year. These savings will carry forward every year so the question would be…..why not power the world with BMZ’s Aqua Energy?