Our Company

BMZ develops, manufactures and markets power supply and energy solutions.  BMZ has its roots from previous entities owned by our founder Fernando “Freddy” Pereira.  Freddy brings 40+ years of experience servicing and building generators both nationally and internationally. The Company designs and manufactures and markets proprietary power solutions to certain emergency and non-emergency diesel or gas powered generators for a diverse client group, inclusive but not limited to the residential, marine, agriculture and commercial markets.

BMZ is an American Energy Research and Development Company focused on innovation to the world power requirements.  We invent highly useful and efficient products, then market and distribute the product to assure market acceptance.

BMZ’s purpose is to design, engineer, and patent, manufacture and license energy solution technology to markets worldwide.  Our business plan is centered on a growing portfolio of intellectual property that we expect to play an increasing role in addressing the world’s energy needs as well as its environmental concerns. Proprietary engineering establishes our firm with the optimum solutions for portable on demand power. We expect our product solution to be embraced and sold under national and international distribution channels. Our long-term plans include revenue generating opportunities from licensing fees and from the production and marketing, often in collaboration with others, of our technologies and products to a wider variety of end-users and manufacturers.

Fernando F. Pereira, Founder and Director of Product Development.

Fernando Pereira “Freddy” will act as Director of Research and Development at the Corporation.  Freddy places internal pride in our products to supply the owner reliability and dependability with each of one of our BMZ Generators.  Mr. Pereira oversees the technical design, modification and application of the business operations, analyzes all customers’ needs and applies specific solutions to solve their problems and meet their objectives.